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The Energy Bulletin

The Energy Bulletin is one of the best online sources of news covering all aspects of energy online!

Diigo Peak OIl News Group

Social Bookmarking is a way to post and share news and other resources.

Peak Oil Organizations

The OilDrum

The oildrum carries a variety of resources and stories on the continuing use of oil in our culture.

Culture Change

Culture Change is Jan Lundberg's Website. Getting on his mailing list will result in a weekly story covering some aspect of the peak oil survivalist movement.

Jan is from the famous Lundberg oil industry family.

International Energy Agency

One of the major global sources on energy information

The U.S. Energy Information Agency

This is the U.S. Department of Energy's information clearinghouse on energy statistics.

Peak Oil - Wikipedia

Here's a good start to get an introduction to the issue.

ASPO: The Association for the Study of Peak Oil

This group is one of the oldest long standing groups, founded originally by Colin Campbell, a former oil industry geologist.

Earth Policy Institute

This is the home of Lester Brown, the former head of the Worldwatch Institute and his proposed Plan B. Here's a video presentation with Lester.

The History of Oil

Here you will find an extensive number of timelines on the history of oil around the world.

The Earth Charter

A global call for Sustainability

Smart Growth

Changing the way we design and live in communities will be the most important endeavor of the 21st Century.

EIA: Gasoline Price Primer

WebSlides: The Alaska Oil Issue

This is a short webslide show where a diigo socialbookmarker put the best resources he had available on the Alaska (ANWR) oil issue into this show. Its an example of a way to use social bookmarks and then make them into an education presentation.

Life After the Oil Crash

A good general purpose website built by an ex-lawyer from Northern California. It has an excellent page tracking current events as it pertains to peak oil issues in day to day news, as well as other economic and political events.

In addition, it has an excellent synopsis of peak oil itself

The Relocation Network

The Post Carbon Institute's network of groups across the country, working to get ready one community at a time.

Energy Preparedness Blog

Organizing communities to get ready.

Sustainable Communities

The Farm's EcoVillage Network

These folks are doing it. Workshops too!

OUR EcoVillage

BC Canada Community (regular workshops

Portland City Repair

A sustainable City Project!

Richard Register's EcoCity Views Blog

Some very interesting articles about sustainable cities.

EcoCity Builder's

Oakland Ca. Sustainable City project. They put on the 6th annual International EcoCity's Conference. (I was at the first one in 1990)...

HomePower Magazine

Solar Tech Support

Peak Oil Videos

xponential growth Albert Bartlett : Arithmetic, Population & Energy

In this 65 minute video retired Professor Bartlett presents the impacts of routine growth on such important issues as energy and population with a specific focus on oil usage.

Oil Storm trailer

Here's a wikipedia review of the movie.

The Oil Factor: Part I Part II Part III Part IV

The Party is Over

Karl Grossman Interviews Richard Heinberg

A Crude Awakening: The End of the American Dream

Energy Policy TV

This is the place to look for video's covering the whole range of energy issues.

Robert Newman's History of Oil

Robert has given us a humorous, but important view of how oil has shaped our world.

The History of Oil Propaganda

Oops! Sad but true historical shorts from the past!

Ronnie Raygun even gets into the act!

"Gashole": The History of Oil Prices

This is a brand new documentary covering oil pricing and policy.

Who Killed the Electric Car?

This is a short overview about the larger documentary.

Escape From Suburbia Trailer

This documentary is probably the most sophisticated overview of the Oil Depletion isssue to be found to date. The producers originally started with a documentary called "The End of Suburbia" in 2005 that helped to define the idea that the world was about to reach the point in time where demand outstrips supplies of oil.

Escape helps the rest of us catch up on the ideas and practices of people who are already starting to take steps to free themselves from oil addiction at the community level.

David Korten: The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community

This Google Video brings all the different strands of what we face with the dominator culture and where it is dragging us unless we change the way we live from the bottom up.

Amory Lovins: Winning the oil endgame

Amory has been going around suggesting ways to retool the U.S. car industry and reduce our dependency on oil for some time.

How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, half of Cuba's oil was cut off in 1990, nearly sending the country back to the stone age. This is a video on how they survived the 90% drop in their GDP.

Peak oil: How you will ride the slide

A short animated video history of peak oil.

There's Plenty of Oil Peak Oil - Whom to Believe?

Live Journal List of Peak Oil documentaries with links
Peak Oil Books

Beyond Oil by Carrying Capacity, Inc., John Gever (1986)

This was "the bible" on Peak Oil for me.

Carrying Capacity, Inc.
2000 P Street, NW
Suite 240
Washington, D.C. 20036

The Last Oil Shock

"The Last Oil Shock is the explosive new book from David Strahan that explains why you may soon be kissing your car keys and boarding pass goodbye. For every barrel of oil we discover, we now consume three. Oil production is already falling in 60 countries. At some point, probably in the next decade, global oil production will start to fall – for ever. And that's when things start to get interesting... "

Oil Addiction: The World in Peril by Pierre Chomat

"Totally addicted to oil, Man in his industrial adventure has transformed nearly all the Earth’s ecosystems into “egosystems” designed to serve only his own needs and desires, at the expense of all other species. He persists despite the irreversible damage he is causing to the environment. He has already disrupted the Earth’s thermostats."

Blood and Oil by Michael T Klare

Master list of Peak Oil Books

Here's the best list of Peak Oil books out there with reviews.

Peak Oil Images
Global Map of who has the oil

1947-2007 oil prices (In 2007 dollars)

Great chart showing key political disruption points along the way.

National Gas Price Temperature Map

This website can help you locate the cheapest gas prices in your area.

Peak Oil Chart

The Peak Oil curve with predicted impacts built in

The mainstream's failed predictions
Big oily fish swallowing small fish
A bit of dark humor about gas prices
Energy Experts

Amory Lovins

Amory Lovins is the former head of FOE (UK) a physicist and has been working on energy policy for over 30 years.

Richard Heinberg

Richard is an educator currently working with the Post Carbon Institute.

James Kunstler

He's and author and lecturer.

Matthew Simmons

Simmons who is a fairly prominent oil investor has jumped into the Peak Oil movement, having recently claimed that we might see oil go as high as $300 a barrel.


Peak Oil Resources

Here is a variety of Resources that will help you sort out the Peak Oil issue.

There's more to come.