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Greenpeace blocks UK nuclear Push
Hitachi to build reactor factory in U.S.
Excelon gets site permit at Clinton facility
30 nuclear reactors planned for U.S.
Wasserman: Moore's Nuclear Sham
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Sierra club on Nuclear Warming

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Health and Safety
3/4 of 98,000 DOE workers claims denied
Rocky Flats neighbors win $350 million
DOE Worker's Health records burried in n-waste dump
Mysterious Illness hits DOE nationwide *
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The Bush Nuclear Push (updated 3-2007)


This Section contains the following sections:

  • Nuclear Policy
  • GNEP
  • Global Warming
  • Real Alternative Energy
  • Nuclear Alerts
  • Economics
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Nuclear Waste
  • Safe Energy Resources
  • Safe Energy Groups
  • The Nuclear Club
  • National Media Campaign
  • George W. Bush and friends are making a mighty attempt to reverse 30 years of nuclear backsliding. His dad and Reagan worked hard to set the stage for him by making it legally impossible for American citizens to oppose nuclear power. The first new order of commercial reactors was recently made by Entergy, A New Orleans based utility.

    Mr. Bush has also broken his promise to Nevada that he would not allow the Yucca Mountain High Level Waste facility to go ahead. This promise to Nevada gave Mr. Bush the key 4 votes to win the presidency, and remember the vote there was very close. Nevada's representatives called Mr. Bush a lier on national TV for failing on the promise.

    After 9/11, nuclear power facilities became the focuss of a real fear of potential terrorist attacks, Davis-Besse came a half inch from becoming a Chernobyl-U.S.A., new health findings are showing radiation is far more deadly than previously accepted, while Mr. Bush has moved to raised the nuclear spear causing worldwide concern over a new nuclear cold war.

    Its nice that Florida has acknowledged voter fraud. Now its time to remove the president, who lost the election from office before he destroys civilization.