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Real Energy Security Part II

Real energy security isn't gonna happen as long as you let the IBM's of the energy industry dictate their vision to you.

Nuclear Power Reactors are the most dangerous security risk to the people of this country. The Chernobyl disaster was the economic straw that broke the former Soviet Union's back.

Here's their idea of security and its impacts.

In 1981, the founder of the Greenpeace office in Chicago walked with a TV camera crew up to the side of the Zion nuclear power plant and shot fireworks into the side of the containment vessel for 15 minutes. The local channel then showed the footage on the evening news creating an uproar.

The point was made and still stands that if a smart terrorist wanted to take out a large segment of the U.S. economy all they have to do is get a couple of stinger missiles off the the underground arms market and do a little planning.

The same goes for huge 230K Power grids. Bad guys play for keeps now and have very little motivation to be gentlemen.

Change it, or leave yourself open to the utility company's idea of energy security: your money in their pocket.

If you have any kind of background in how electricity works, you are very familiar with the fact that the transmission of electricity across large power grids is not only very expensive, its very inefficient. A few years back we were hearing about all the innovations coming down the line to make the grid more efficient.

However, we still haven't heard the kind of visionary proposals that made the PC revolution a virtual rennaissance overnight!

We haven't because of the same attitude that controlled the computer industry of the 1970's, big centralized control of power development, is the mindset of electric industry.

It's simple, Everyone should own their own micro-power facility that produces what they need right at home. If you are like most folks these days, you have a natural gas hook-up that could be linked to a micro power generator as well as your water heater and stove.

By the time we run out of natural gas, we'd have the technology in place to generate pure hydrogen onsite from water to run small fuel cells at home.

I bet you there would be a revolution in energy devices that will drive the market wild just like the PC did if everyone is out shopping for the GT of power plants.

A nuclear power plant is a big target you can see for miles around. How about a positive direction that takes the PC renaisance into the energy industry. I'm tired of the negative industry agenda, and their cheap PR tricks. Let's clean up our energy industry and make the earth a place we can be proud to live on.

Yeah, I know the same old poisonous cynics claiming it won't work cause of A.B.C. and D. Tell `em they're wrong. Let's get to work on making Amory Lovin's vision of an energy efficient society a reality rather than a tantrum. They don't like it cause they didn't come up with the idea themselves.

Remember, they aren't gonna do it unless you demand it.

  • They use your money to build large power plants.
  • They use your money to finance those plants.
  • They use your money to maintain those plants.
  • They use your money to buy political influence.
  • And they use your money to make their big profits.